Local Group of Teens Looking For Community Help

Teens from around Amarillo came together Saturday to raise money for a teen center they're trying to set up.

But as this one-of-a-kind project works to get off the ground it may take a community effort to accomplish their goal.

The Joint Alliance for Students is working to get the building on 15th and Madison in shape so they can have a teen center inside, and a restaurant that will be able to fund their activities.

"Our ultimate goal is to create a teen empowerment program. To build a teen force that, where the kids will have an organization of their own. That they can take an active role in promoting a healthier teen culture in our community," said Stan Scofield, the Founder of JAS.

Scofiel's son gave him the idea, to create a sanctuary for kids who want to avoid drugs, alcohol and gang activity.

And now he's been able to help others.

"I know that if it wasn't for this I could be making stupid decisions and being in the streets. And I'm happy, my families happy that I'm off the streets and I'm in a good place," said Monique Betancourt, JAS Teen President.

Scofield hopes this new center will be a place for organizations like the Maverick's Club and youth groups to unite and give kids an option to stay safe.

But he says the alliance needs help to reach that goal.

"I hope there are more businesses that get involved and help support Stan and what's he's doing. To where our kids aren't doing drugs, dropping out of school, or getting pregnant," said Karen Shelton, the chapter secretary for Bikers Against Child Abuse, an organization that has teamed up with JAS to help area kids.

To Help JAS you can contact Stan Scofield at (806) 674-4004.