Dual Degree program this fall at Highland Park

by Larry Lemmons

Amarillo, Texas - Imagine if when your child graduates from high school he or she not only receives a high school diploma but also an Associates degree from Amarillo College.

This pilot program will only be available this fall for students at Highland Park high school

Incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to enter the Dual Degree program.  Over the following four yeras a number of college courses will be available online and in the evening for students who qualify.

Janet Hindman, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum at Highland Park ISD says,  "As a graduating eighth grader, incoming freshman, they pass all three of their TAKS test, commended is preferred, but they have to pass all of their TAKS test. And then also they will have to take either the THEA or the ACCUPLACER. And Amarillo College has suggested they take the ACCUPLACER."

The estimated tuition cost to the parent for the extra degree will be $2750 total.  That's not counting books.

Amarillo College says payment plans are available.  They also say if the program is successful they hope to extend it to more ISDs.