Amarillo Doctors Part Of World Study; Lessens Heart Failure Risk

Margaret Hall
Margaret Hall
Dr. Prakash Desai
Dr. Prakash Desai

Future heart patients may have Amarillo research to thank for saving them from heart failure. Doctors at Amarillo Heart Group studied how a special defibrillator worked in certain local patients. They all will tell you it saved lives.

Margaret Hall has heart problems; she has "an enlarged heart. And it got as far as it would go."

So, she qualified for this device - a special defibrillator that basically helps her heart pump.

Ron Pollan has the same thing, which "keeps the blood in my heart, which it wouldn't do on its own."

They, and he doctors at Amarillo Heart Group, are part of a study researching the success of the defibrillator.  Dr. Prakash Desai says, "this study used patients who have less heart failure but by using this therapy can we then prevent further heart failure events."

Preliminary and unpublished results show it hit its primary objective and showed a 29%reduction in heart failure events...something Dr. Desai says is very encouraging because "it may have a role in the expansion of the criteria that we use for offering therapies for patients who we are not offering today."

For today, both Margaret and Ron say they are thankful to be here.  Ron Pollan says, "I praise the Lord for the blessing of having this and being able to get in the program."

Margaret Hall says, "I've been goin' ever since, and I haven't had any episodes."

Amarillo Heart Group is one of just 110 centers which participated in the study.  The full details of the study will be published later this year; NewsChannel 10 is the only media outlet with the preliminary results.