Governor calls special session

by Larry Lemmons

Amarillo, Texas- As expected, Texas Governor Rick Perry has called for a special legislative session.  He announced Thursday that lawmakers will be called to Austin July 1st.

The filibuster at the end of the last session to prevent a voter ID vote prevented two essential bills from getting passed.  A safety net measure would allow the transportation and insurance departments and others to keep operating.  Also, the Texas Department of Transportation depended on $2-billion of road building bonds that weren't passed.

So the primary goal of lawmakers is to get those two bills passed this session.

District 87 Representative David Swinford agrees.  "Right now they plan to have a 2 or 3 or 4 day session to go in and do those two bills. Now, then, I have asked the Governor to include a package of consumer friendly energy things, if he will, and we could do that just like that also because all of it's passed both houses."

Representative John Smithee asked the Governor to reconsider the eminent domain bill and Representative Warren Chisum wants the Governor to revisit voter ID.  The Governor will determine what if anything else the legislature considers.