A ConKerr Chapter in Spearman is Making a Difference.

A Spearman woman and her friends are making hospital stays for children a brighter one here in the Panhandle.

Its a 100 percent cotton pillowcase a nd its the only chapter of its kind in the panhandle.

The organization is called Con Kerr Cancer and the organization was started by a mother who's son was in the hospital for long periods of time.

The Hansford County chapter is new and makes 60 bright colored pillowcases a month for children who are inBSA or Northwest hospitals.

According to Judy Yarbrough"they are bright and cheery it helps brighten the room and their day".

Judy wanted to give back after her own husband suffered a cardiac arrest on vacation."I just felt like I wanted to give back a lil that was given to me in my time of uncertainty I started this chapter in Hansford county we meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 1 to 3".

The chapter is looking for fabric to make the pillowcases or monetary donations."We are in need of donations for fabric or monetary donations towards the fabric so we can keep this going".

The Con Kerr Cancer Chapter in Spearman is the only one in the Panhandle.