A future for T-Anchor Park?

by Larry Lemmons

Amarillo, Texas - An Amarillo man's decade-long passion could become a reality in the near future.  Ruben Rivera has been lobbying the Amarillo City Commission at least since 2006, trying to get the city property off T-Anchor Boulevard turned into a city park.

Currently its a storm water detention center.

City officials say converting the area to a park would be very expensive for various reasons.

But officials haven't said no.

Rivera says he'll remain persistent.  "I'm so passionate about this because I believe that through the years if this project started to become something and got developed I believe that the City Commission would really start to say, that was a really good idea."

The city will be considering changes to its five year plan and officials say the potential park will certainly be an item to review.  There are concerns with safety because of the nature of the land.  So the city is reluctant to designate it a park until those concerns can be met.

However, Commissioner Brian Eades says he's confident some sort of park, perhaps smaller in scope will be designated in that area.