Stimulus Money at Work in Ochiltree County

Texas leads the nation in Federal stimulus job creation but that's not the case for one crew working on Highway 83 in Ochiltree County.

Zero new employees were hired for this job, but it saved over a dozen of them from losing their jobs.

E. D. Baker of Borger won the bid for the milling and overlay project along Highway 83 just south of Perryton.

Its not an enormous job, only about eight miles, but the vice president of the company says you have to find work to stay alive.

"Everybody was real busy two years ago. The last couple of years TxDOT has planned a lot of jobs and they've had to pull a bunch of them because they didn't have the funding to do the work," said Clint Cornell, the V.P. of E.D. Baker.

One worker told us earlier today projects like this used to come along a couple of times every summer.

But as the TxDOT budget has shrunk so have these jobs, he added he feels lucky to just have work.

Clint Cornell told us, if it wasn't for this stimulus money the road would not be getting repaired and some of the people may not have jobs.