Ryan Leaf booked in Randall County

Amarillo, Texas

by Larry Lemmons

Ryan Leaf turned himself in to Randall County authorities Friday about 2pm.

The former pro football player and West Texas A&M football coach was booked on one count of burglary of a habitation and two counts of drug-related charges.  He posted bond of $5,000 for each count.

At 11 Friday morning Leaf's attorney, Bill Kelly, set up arrangements with the Randall County Jail to have Leaf arraigned with a hard card.  Leaf only needed to turn up at the jail with the bond money, be booked and he was free to go.

Leaf did not answer reporter questions as he left the jail.

His case is now pending in Judge John Board's court.  He could wait nine to twelve months for a trial.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren says he'd be open to a plea. "We'll always talk to folks about a plea... Every defendant, the ones who think they are guilty and the ones who believe they're not, almost all of them talk to us about the possibility of entering into a plea."