Xcel Energy Saver's Switch

Xcel Energy is still looking for two thousand more homes to enroll in a new project.

They're hoping to temporarily halt your air conditioner during peak energy usage periods, and in turn, pay you for it.

Jerry downs and a few of his men have been working for the past two weeks installing these xcel energy savers switch units.

"We've got two guys running right now and we're getting close to 11 a day a piece so we're doing about two a day," said Jerry Downs with Duke Electric Company.

The box plugs into your air conditioning unit, and with the simple flip of a switch Xcel will scale back your air conditioning for 20 minute intervals.

"Our local transmission control center monitors the power usage on our grid and make a decision on a hot day, if we need a little extra power, to throw the switch," said Wes Reeves, the Xcel Energy Spokesman.

"They kind of cycle the zones in Amarillo they'll take down maybe four zip codes in Amarillo then when that 20 minutes comes up, they'll take down another four," said Downs.

Downs says the installation does not damage your air conditioner, something's that's backed up by more than 20 years of research in Minnesota.

And Xcel says even on the hottest days your house only gets about two degrees hotter while the unit's shut off.

If you enroll into the program Xcel will give you a 50 dollar credit on your October bill.

Now there are some exceptions so check out www.xcelenergy.com/saversswitch for more information.