Amarillo Goodwill files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, closes permanently

By Sarah Seeley

Amarillo, Texas - A recent sale and restructuring plan weren't enough to save Goodwill industries of Amarillo.

The local organization filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will end all programs and operations permanently.

According to bankruptcy filings, Goodwill owes money to 49 different companies, 17 of which are local.

The Board of Directors says all efforts to reorganize and keep running were unsuccessful because of their financial situation.

Board members tell NewsChannel 10 all property will be sold to help pay back the companies owed money.

Spokesman Jose Mejia says the bad economy and poor finances were too much for the ailing organization.

Goodwill Industries of Amarillo closed the doors to its thrift stores in late March because it could no longer pay 66 workers.