Stealing from Charity

Irene Arnold, Worker
Irene Arnold, Worker

AMARILLO - Stealing from charity, caught on tape. It all happens at the downtown women's center thrift store. People drop donations off behind the building after hours, but they don't always end up in the right hands.

The video speaks for it's self. Men moving mattress, groups grabbing-up goods, and well-dressed guys wrecking windows.

"Shame on them. we help the homeless," Director Diann Gilmore said. "We're tried of people tearing things up, taking things that are not there's and we need the donations from the community."

Irene Arnold went through the women's center program. she now works at the store.

"It was a saving grace, it was a chance to turn my life around," she said.

Seeing these tapes makes her upset.

"If they only could see what they're doing. It's just taking away from someone that's trying to help."

Like Janna astle who dropped off her family's old clothes today.

"I would help anyone I possible could, so I don't understand why you would steal," she said.

Neither do the people at the charity.

"We will give people help, and we do that freely," Gilmore said. "You don't have to take it from us, all you have to do is ask."