Tucumcari Animal Euthanasia

A new animal euthanization law in New Mexico is causing major headaches for Tucumcari.

Starting tomorrow every city in the state will have to use lethal injection to euthanize strays.

As NewsChannel 10's Kristen guilfoos tells us the city of tucumcari is have trouble meeting that deadline.

at any point and time there could be 20 to 25 animals inside this kennel.

As it stands now, if they are not adopted or picked up within three days they are euthanized in a gas chamber and that costs the city eight dollars a month.


but starting tomorrow that's a thing of the past and they will have to use lethal injection at a cost of more than 800 dollars a month.

The city is not sure where to come up with that kind of money.

But that's just the beginning of their problems, they can not find a certified vet to do the injections.



i can understand their point, it kinda goes against what i think their purpose is and the reason they went into veterinarian medicine was because they don't like putting down healthy animals.

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the state is stepping in and helping them out for the time being performing two lethal injection sessions a month through july.

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but that's just a short term solution...the city does not know what will happen after that.

Live in tucumcari, kristen guilfoos newschannel 10.