Wolflin Burglars

Amarillo -

Neighbors in Wolflin say it all starts with a knock on the door. If you answer, the man asks you if you want your house painted.

If you don't answer, just read what happens.

Val Patton ran out for a quick errand last tuesday, moments later her security cameras caught this:

A man trying to kick in her front door. He fails and tries again. Then walks off screen to break a window and enter the home.

"The first two nights I was there, I was scared to death. I thought he was going to be coming back," she said.

Sandy goettsche is part of the neighborhood watch program. She helped send out an alert e-mail and noticed patton wasn't alone.

"Four, six houses here, three houses there, and it's just one after another within a two week period," she said.

Police officals say they haven't noticed an abnormal amount of crime in the area, but their logs show 15 break-ins and thefts, just since the beginning of the month.

Now Goettsche is telling everyone they should be setting their alarm systems and "locking the house to take the trash out just to the dumpster, making sure no car is park oustide our lot, reporting, taking pictures- if someone comes to our door and i don't know who you are, i got my phone, i'm taking your picture," she said.