City approves resolution for Potter County wellfield

Amarillo, Texas

by Larry Lemmons

As of this time four of the 21 pumps have been constructed at the Potter County wellfield.  The four were test sites used by the consultants for the project.

Tuesday the Amarillo City Commission voted to authorize the City's intent to reimburse possible future capital improvement expenses from future debt to be issued.  Later this year the City will issue about $50 million in market bonds.

In the next few years the wellfield will serve as a backup in case Lake Meredith goes dry or becomes a problem.

Water from the wellfield will be piped to north Amarillo.

The Northeast 24th Street Pump station was completed in 1955.  It was brought on-line when the Carson County wellfield came on-line.

The Osage pump station was built not long after so much of the capacity for the 24th Street pump station wasn't used. It started with 10-million gallons of storage and now has 15-million gallons of storage.

Pumpage out of the pump station is anywhere from 6-million a day to about 30-million a day.  That's why it's a perfect choice to collect the water that will be piped in from the Potter County Wellfield in a couple years.

The field is located on private property in the Canadian River Breaks.  The pipeline itself will actually follow a transmission line basically parallel to the Fritch highway into a gathering place.

That pump station will be collecting all the water from all 21 wells and then it will pump the water into town through a 48" transmission pipe line.

The wellfield is scheduled to be completed in Spring of 2011.

Original funding for the project has been a low interest loan from the state's Water Infrastructure fund.