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DFPS Kicks Off "See And Save" Campaign

With the temperatures nearing 100 degrees in our area, officials are urging you to think about how dangerous hot cars can be for children.

At a demonstration in Amarillo Wednesday, emergency crews and the Department of Family and Protective Services showed that temperatures can get close to 150 degrees inside a car within just a few minutes. They say there is still an immediate danger, even if it is cloudy.

DFPS spokesman Greg Cunningham says that he's done this same demonstration on days when it was cloudy, and it literally took 5 minutes to get up to 130 or 140 degrees. He says it's amazing how quickly a car will get up to dangerous temperatures.

The Department of Family and Protective Services says 9 children died last year in Texas as a result of being left in a hot car and say every one of the deaths could have been prevented.

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