Horses Left for Dead

Amarillo, TX - Family pets left for dead. Hard economic times are forcing more owners than ever before to abandon their horses.

Workers at the Panhandle Equine Safety and Rescue say this is a growing problem that needs your help.

For example, take Saddie, she is a horse that was found just north of Lake Meredith last week.

Workers estimate she had been out there since Winter.

At about four hundred 50 pounds underweight she would have likely died soon if help hadn't showed up.

Right now shelters in Amarillo, Lubbock and Oklahoma City are all at or close to capacity.

But rescue workers stress, there is always a better option than just turning a horse loose.

If you don't want them, someone else does.

If you are interested in helpping out, the rescue center is always looking for voulenteers. This is a perfect position for someone that loves horses but doesn't want to own one themselves. They always need someone to brush them, help clean out the stalls and exercise the horses.

They also are always looking for donations. If you are interested call 806-681-5161.