In-home help available for digital TVs and converter boxes

Richard Casady
Richard Casady
Jim Robison
Jim Robison

By Sarah Seeley

Amarillo, Texas - Area residents still needing help with getting local television stations on digital TVs and converter boxes can get individual in-home help, but sometimes at a steep price.

Richard Casady says the technology behind his satellite TV and digital converter box was too much for him after last week's digital transition.

So he turned to a local satellite technician for help with re-scanning.

"I don't know anything about electronics, and Jim has done work for me before," said Casady.

He's not alone.

Jim Robison has appointments back to back for the next week helping anyone who can't figure out how to get local channels.

For simply going through the menu and re-scanning for channel's, he charges $20 to $25.

"I'm not dong anything except punching their remote three times," said Robison.  "After that the job is over with."

Local technicians tell us simple scans can take as little as twenty minutes.

"You cant just install the box and start channeling up and down," said Robison.  "It has to be scanned in in order for that box to identify that channel.  Once it identifies it, it plays it."

Re-scanning your TV or converter box can be done by yourself.

We called around to other service companies and they charge anywhere from $50 an hour to almost $100 for a standard service call.

Robison says those prices are too high for jobs that may only take a few minutes.

"There can be justification for higher rates, but obviously it wouldn't be just for the scan itself," said Robison.

He says if new antenna installation or adjustment is needed, you can expect higher service prices.