Chisum Session

State Rep. Warren Chisum
State Rep. Warren Chisum

Governor Rick Perry has yet to announce a date for his 30-day special legislative session;a last minute filibuster by democrats hoping to prevent a vote on voter ID requirements.

But Representative Warren Chisum wants that bill back in the special session.

On this pleasant Spring morning in the Gray County Courthouse, the State Representative of District 88 is visiting with Gray County Judge Richard Peet.

Warren Chisum says he loves returning home to Pampa to get back in touch with constituents, and soak in the small-town charm.

Chisum co-sponsored a bill requiring identification at the voting booth, the issue at the heart of the filibuster at the end of the last session.

"It just said before you vote in the state of Texas you've got some kind of a state issued identification card. it doesn't have to be a driver's license. it can be anything that has your picture on it."

Chisum says he hopes the Governor will return to the issue during the summer special session. Despite its contentious nature, Chisum says the Governor will be under pressure to include it.

"Voter ID in the polls was polling around 80% and yet we had a significant number of members in the legislature who chose to block that. Not let it out. You remember how hard it was to get out of the Senate. The Senate removed their blocker bill so they could do it. So, I think there's too much resistance to voter ID. I think there's something going on there."

Enjoying the pleasures of Pampa today, Chisum reflects on the legislative session just ended.

"We provided for doctors in rural areas which is a big deal. 114 counties in Texas that under federal guidelines are short of positions and we have 254 counties. 114 of ours fit into that medically under served area."