Counterfeit Money Circulating around Amarillo

Amarillo, TX

By: Jeff Todd

Four thousand dollars in counterfeit bills has already been picked up by Amarillo police, but they say there's more out there.

So far seven reports of fake $100 bills have been passed on to the United States Secret Service.

Investigators say someone is washing five dollar bills until the ink fades, then reprinting those bills as one hundreds.

The bills have been found primarily at grocery and convenience stores, where workers are using machines to catch the elaborate bogus bills.

"Machines that a lot of merchants have can differentiate between a one and a five and certainly a 100 and sometimes those play a roll in the discovery of a counterfeit," said Sgt. Brent Barbee with the Amarillo Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit. "If you get a 100 dollar bill be aware of the fact that it could be a counterfeit. It can pass the pen test."

Authorities say to check all large bills immediately and if you have a counterfeit one, call the APD at 378-3038