Smithee Session

State Rep., John Smithee
State Rep., John Smithee

State Representative John Smithee is taking advantage of some down time after a contentious legislative session.

Representative Smithee says during the filibuster at the end of the session lawmakers put in long hours.

He says it was frustrating for many who were trying to get legislation considered.

Many bills fell by the wayside and, he says, the upcoming special session will have to address many of those issues.

He hopes the governor will consider the eminent domain bill.

The bill would have allowed landowners to buy back property if it isn't being legitimately used in ten years.

"You're creating all this value by taking my land and i don't get any of the value. And so that 10 year buyback was a protection for the landowner, that if the state didn't use the land for legitimate eminent domain purposes then the landowner could buy the property back,"he said.

The governor was expected to sign that bill if it had made it through the house.