FDA Nicotine Regulations

A controversial bill that is expected to burn the cigarette industry now sits on the president's desk.

Once signed, the Food and Drug Administration will govern the tobacco industry.

But one area lawmaker says it goes too far.

On it's merits, the law seems like a good idea.

Many rules put in place restrict tobacco's appeal to children.

No advertising within one thousand feet of schools. No more flavored cigarettes.

But some people have a problem with the bill.

And they're not necessarily smokers.

President obama, whose trying to quit smoking, said today this bill truly defines change in washington.

Congressman Mac Thornberry agrees, but for different reasons. "i'm concerned about greater federal involvement in the decisions that each of us make in our daily life. I'm no fan of tobacco at all but you know i do worry when the federal government is looking over our shoulder telling us what we can and cannot do," thornberry says.

Thornberry voted no in Friday's vote.

And he also has concerns for health and safety, and not only for smokers.