Answers to the most frequently asked DTV questions

Are you ready? Friday is the night NewsChannel 10 will turn off the analog signal and change our digital channels.

Many viewers have called the station and stopped by local electronics stores with the same questions.

"The most frequent one is do I need a box," said Sal Barrera, Best Buy employee.

NewsChannel 10's resident DTV expert has the answer.

"If your TV cannot receive digital stations such as 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, then you need a converter box or a new digital television," said Shawn Venhaus, NewsChannel 10 News Director.

Many viewers asked whether they need an antenna even if they have cable or satellite.

"Everyone will need an antenna or should have one on hand even if you're with cable, that way you can get local channels over the air and not depend on a cable or satellite provider," said Venhaus.

If your cable or satellite goes out and you do not have a digital TV or a converter box and antenna, you will not be able to get local channels.

"Everyone needs to have at least one TV set in the event of a natural disaster that can run independently without cable or satellite," said Venhaus.

NewsChannel 10 will turn off the analog signal Friday night after David Letterman.

All cable and digital converter box users will need to re-scan the channels.  Box users will do this by going through the menu on the box itself.

To view NewsChannel 10, tune your converter box to 10.1.

If you cannot get NewsChannel 10 on your converter box after the switch, but were getting it before, you need to delete Channel 10 and re-scan.  Before, Channel 10's digital signal was on channel 9.

Make sure any antenna you purchase is VHF and UHF.  Some stores may be selling UHF antennas, but those will not work in this television market.

Rabbit ear antenna placement is very touchy to get all channels.  If you cannot receive all channels, readjust.  If this doesn't work you may need an outdoor antenna.