Controversy Brews Over CPS Bill

Amarillo, Texas -

Controversy is bubbling over a bill on Texas Governor Rick Perry's desk which clarifies when Child Protective Services can remove your children from your home without your consent.

Social conservative groups, like the Lubbock-based Texas Home School Coalition, want Governor Perry to veto the bill.

After a forced change in policy last summer, the bill would standardize when a judge can order the removal of children.  But neither parents, nor their lawyers, have to be present in that hearing and that is why the Coalition says the law would undermine parental rights.

But the bill states CPS has to have good cause - wording which was not previously part of the law.

PIO Greg Cunningham says, "this time we're going to know exactly what we need to present and the judge will know some clarifications of what the law says, what he needs before putting that warrant out."

CPS says it will follow the legislature's lead and cannot take a position on the new law.

The bill also allows the judge to grant CPS access children's medical records during the course of an investigation.