US House Bill to require gun registration and thumb prints

Gun control was a hot topic when President Obama took office.

Now the shooting at the Holocaust Museum and a bill in Washington have everyone talking again.

It's a bill that's gaining a lot of attention nationwide.

"It is one of the most extreme gun control bills that has been introduced currently in congress," said Congressman Mac Thornberry.

The bill named after a slain Chicago teen would require all guns and gun owners to be registered.

Gun owners are now circulating the information by email to gain opposition.

Area Congressman Mac Thornberry says the bill is making them think the government will eventually take away their guns.

"If the federal government knows who has which guns they could just as easily come in and take them away," said Congressman Thornberry.  "I think that is the logical concern that people would have with federally mandated gun registration."

Local gun dealers worry registering guns and their owners wont do anything to stop crime like they hope.

"You're not going to stop violence, violence is going to happen," said Burnie Stokes, owner of Panhandle Gunslingers.  "What you do need to do is take the laws that are on the books that are real restrictive and take these that are violating the law and bury them under the jail and let them understand that we're not going to tolerate that."

Those we spoke with say a bill this radical probably wont pass, but advocates predict a more moderate gun control bill will.

In the proposed Blair Holt Licensing and Firearms Record Sale Act of 2009, a license would be required by providing

  1. Passport-sized photo
  2. Name, address, date, and place of birth
  3. Other names
  4. Clear thumb print
  5. Certificate stating owner will keep firearms safely stored and away from anyone under 18-years-old
  6. Certificate of completion of written firearms exam, that test the knowledge and ability to own firearms
  7. An authorization to release to the Attorney General any mental health records