The DTV Switch: What Can I Do With My Outdated Television?

With the transition to digital TV coming up on Friday, many residents are still left with questions about what to do with their old televisions.

Everyone is encouraged to get a converter box as opposed to getting rid of your television, but if your TV is no longer working or you just want a newer one, there are several options.

The first option is something many people think is not allowed... Just throwing your TV in a dumpster. But the City of Amarillo says televisions are welcome at the landfill from almost everyone. Public Works Director Michael Rice says, "If you are a resident, you can dispose of it just like you would any large piece of furniture.

The City of Amarillo will be glad to pick that up. If you are a business however, according to state law, you cannot dispose of it in the landfill. You have to dispose of it by other means."

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says throwing your television in the trash will not harm the environment. Modern landfills are made to prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into the ground water.

The TECQ says the only downside to taking that route is that large TVs take up a lot of landfill space.

If you don't like the idea of it taking up space in a landfill there are some other options.

Goodwill used to be the go-to place for those who wanted to recycle electronics, but now that they have shut their doors, area residents aren't left with many options.

Unlike bigger cities such as Dallas and Austin, the Panhandle is lacking a full time e-waste facility.

TECQ's Patty Avery says, "If it's too difficult they may not do it, so we're always looking for other options for people to recycle."

We called around to find other options as well, but the only local facility we could find that recycles television was Allied Waste and that will cost you 25 bucks.

We did, however, find several stores you can take your old TVs to.

You can bring it to Best Buy, as long as your television is less than 32 inches. It will cost you $10, but you will receive a $10 Best Buy gift card in return.

You can also bring it to Office Depot, as long as your television is less than 19 inches. It will cost you anywhere between $5 and $15 depending on the size of your television. That covers the cost of the box and the shipping costs involved to send it to the recycling facility.