Sex Among Area Teenagers Spikes In June, Some Say

Worth the Wait research shows in our area, kids going from 8th to 9th grades become more sexually active, especially during the summer.  The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy says more kids have sex for the first time in June.  Also, it reports kids' first time having sex is in their home or their partner's home.

Worth the Wait evaluations show plain idleness often leads kids to sexual activity.

Executive Director Amy Christie says, "the kids are more sexually active at breaks and summer time because they're at home, they're bored, mom and dad are at work, so they get together with friends and hang out."

She says that can lead to more teenage pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

But that's not the whole story.

Students take their high school health classes in middle school, so they can focus on core classes once they get to high school.  Christie says because of that, they get a double dose of worth the wait and sex education in one school year, and do not revisit the subject again later.

In fact, this year some Amarillo high schools asked Worth the Wait to come to their family life classes to give students a refresher course.

In AISD, the number of female parents and pregnant students went up to 257 in the 2008-2009 school year, compared with 189 in the 2007-2008 school year.  Palo Duro High School had the most this year, with 91.  Last year it reported 63.  Here are the results for the other AISD schools:


AISD District- 257

Amarillo HS- 13

Caprock HS- 64

North Heights- 60

Palo Duro HS- 91

Tascosa HS- 29


AISD District- 189

Amarillo HS- 9

Caprock HS- 42

North Heights- 50

Palo Duro HS- 63

Tascosa HS- 25

Christie suggests to parents to encourage their kids to have three groups of friends, that way if one group gets in trouble, two others will be there for them to fall back on.  She also recommends kids dating others within only a year of their age.