Local Patriot Riders Escort a Special Visitor

U.S. donating money to honor servicemen and women.

Amy Rubin made a stop in Amarillo on Wednesday to thank Veterans for their service while on her way to seven different military bases.

Her husband is a fighter pilot and her son is in the army. Rubin is giving back to service members so they to can continue their education.

She says her family members have made their dreams come true because of education."My family members have used their tuition assistance to earn their degrees and through that they've been able to accomplish some pretty incredible goals and I'd like that to be afforded to every service member that serves our country."

Rubin adds she is truly touched by her special freedom escort."What they do for our service members is amazing and I'm very very honored to have had a chance to ride with them."

Each base will receive four hundred dollars to help with continuing education.

Amy and her husband have been riding for 20 years together.