Local families are cow pooling to save money

Lorrie Jones
Lorrie Jones
Melvin Edes, Edes Meats
Melvin Edes, Edes Meats

It's a growing trend for area families to save money when buying in bulk.

Those families are joining together for cow pooling.

Half a cow may sound like a lot of meat for one family, but now many area families are teaming up and buying whole and half cows.

  • A side of beef weighs about 250 lbs. after butchering and can fit in a 10 cubic foot freezer.

Lorrie Jones is buying meat like this for the first time.

"It's such a huge investment for half," said Jones.  "That's a chunk of change and most of us we don't have that kind of outlay for just meat."

She and her husband recently bought her first half a cow with another family from her church.

Jones says frequent trips to the grocery store for meat that didn't taste that good were starting to get old, and with the economy down it was starting to get expensive.

"I just knew that right now with things like they are, you either take lesser quality at a price you can afford or you cannot just afford that which is the better grade," she said.

One local meat company has seen an increase in customers looking to buy meat in bulk.

"Rather than just buying one pound for supper, they are buying ten pounds to last them all week," said Melvin Edes of Edes Meats.

Edes says other area families are cow pooling too and on an even bigger scale.

"[A recent family] bought two head of beef and split it eight ways; each beef was split into quarters," said Edes.

Jones says she thought buying local meat and having it custom cut was expensive, but says in the long run, it doesn't turn out like that.

"Its not going to be probably any higher than a lot of what I've been paying, its just going to be processed and customized for me," she said.