New Teen Club and Cafe Aims at Keeping Kids Off Drugs

Stan Scofield, Joint Alliance for Students
Stan Scofield, Joint Alliance for Students

It's one of the first of it's kind in the nation... The Joint Alliance for Students is opening a club and cafe run almost completely by teenagers.

It's all in hopes of setting area teens up for a successful future. The Teen Club and Cafe is set to open at the end of this month... It will be open to the public, and run by local teens.

Members of the Joint Alliance for Students, or JAS for short, will be on the board for the club and cafe.

By taking an active role as servers, hosts and kitchen assistants, JAS adult leaders are hoping the kids will learn life skills and realize that being an entrepreneur is within their reach. Founder Stan Scofield says, "It's the kids are going to own it.

So in other words they'll be able to monitor it every month, see where the money is coming and going, learn book keeping, accounting, different marketing strategies."

On top of those skills, JAS leaders hope the kids will use the club/cafe as a safe haven... Free from the negative peer pressure surrounding drug and alcohol use. All proceeds from the restaurant will go towards drug abuse education.

The restaurant is in the old Desperados Restaurant building at 15th and Madison in Amarillo. For more information on how to become a JAS member, you can contact Stan at (806) 674-4004 or you can email him at