Girl Scouts lay off three in Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas

by Larry Lemmons

Newschannel 10 has learned from a source that the Girl Scouts of America has laid-off three employees in the Amarillo Area due to economic pressures.

Other local non-profits are being affected in various ways by the recession.

Vick Allcorn, the Director of the Maverick Boys and Girls Club says "This is a very difficult time for a lot of non-profits...People of amarillo have rallied very strongly behind the Maverick Boys and Girls Club...financially things are much better than they were in the past."

Last year the Maverick Boys and Girls Club was in danger of shutting down. Now, Allcorn says, after action by the board, finances are improving despite the economic downturn.

Kids Inc is affiliated with Cal Farley. The organization saw record numbers in 2005 and 2006. Profits are down this year from those highs but better than last year.

Jimmy Lackey, President and CEO of the organization says,"I would be willing to bet we're probably one of the few non-profits that can say that. It just makes it tough when you have economic times like we're going through. We've been very fortunate. Kids sports and a man named Cal Farley go a long ways."

The Christian Relief Fund sponsors many children across the world, helping them to go to school. It has been affected by the economy.

Linda Purty, Director of the Fund says, "We've had some sponsors who had to quit because of loss of job or some change in their economic situation, but we've had other sponsors and other donors who've sent us a little extra help, but knowing that would probably be the case."

Organizations were perhaps not hit as hard by the recession because Amarillo has not been hit as hard.