Extra Stimulus Money

Amarillo, TX - Federal stimulus money is stretching further than expected. That means more projects may be on the way for our area.

Where grand and 6th street meet, the train means waiting.

"When i'm in a hurry I'm in a hurry. I need to get there, I don't like to have to wait 30 minutes for a train to go by," driver Mique Witt said.

TxDot wants to fix the problem. But they're having a hard time finding funding.

A new option may be on the way.

Contractor bids for the area's four road stimulus projects all came in 10 to 27 percent under the expected cost.

That means millions of left over cash.

Mike Fuller is a second generation contractor. He says lower prices are a new trend.

"It's good for the taxpayer. Less money is being spent on particular projects. Consibably, that means more money could be spent on other projects," Paul Bruan of the Texas Department of Transportation said.

There's also a strong chance that the extra money will have to go back to washington. Right now, no one knows.

But for Witt waiting for the train, a slim chance that the project will get funded is better than nothing at all.

A decision about the left over money should come down in the next three weeks.