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Woman Says She Lost $200,000 With Langford

Jimmy Don King Jimmy Don King
"Rose" "Rose"
47th District Attorney Randall Sims 47th District Attorney Randall Sims

Amarillo, Texas - The total losses reach more than $4 million in the alleged Langford and Associates investment fraud scheme.  On the heels of a second arrest in the case, we sat down with a woman who says she has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But first, 65 year old Jimmy Don King turned himself in Thursday morning and faces eight felony charges relating to fraud while working with John Langford.

The woman wants her identity concealed so we'll call her Rose.  She started trusting Langford and Associates with her money several years ago because "he was so good to me for so many years. He paid me a lot of interest on my money - up until March of this year."

That is when she says her statements stopped coming.

When 74 year old John Langford was arrested for fraudulently selling securities last month, Rose could not believe it.  She says, "I was really amazed that he had done so much like that, when he just seemed so honest and made everyone think he was honest."

Everyone mostly being elderly people, according to 47th District Attorney Randall Sims, who says, "it is older individuals along the same ages of the men we have charged."

Rose says she lost $200,000 with Langford, just a small portion of the more than $4 million Sims says have been lost so far.

Both Langford and King remain in the Potter County jail.  Their combine bail equals more than $4 million.

Sims says his office has gotten more than 100 calls from alleged victims since Langford's arrest and they are still doing interviews.

Langford is charged with multiple counts of securities fraud and selling unregistered securities, among others.

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