DPS Road Check keeps drivers safe

Drivers along I40 are seeing an increase in DPS presence this week.

But many truck drivers say these random safety stops don't always accomplish what they are set out for.

One truck driver from Missouri doesn't know he will soon face brake violations... violations he must fix before continuing home.

It's part of an extended effort by the Department of Public Safety for their Road Check 2009.

"Our ultimate goal is the safety of everybody on the roadways," said DPS Trooper Gabriel Medrano.  "With these trucks being as large as they are and with I40 being as packed as it is with trucks, [we want] to ensure that everybody on the roadway [is] safe and taken care of."

Many of the drivers we spoke with Wednesday morning think these random stops are a hassle and just a way to boost revenue.

"They get some of the bad ones off the road, but a lot of it's a waste of time," said Missouri truck driver Larry Segelhorst.

But others say the checks may take time out of their day, but are just as necessary as the security at airports.

"These stops, I understand they're necessary," said Amarillo cement truck driver Joel Bell.  "I have a wife and three kids that are on the road anytime and I'd rather know that somebody's out there making sure these trucks and everything are in good working conditions, [and] I don't mind the delays."

Last year's road checks cited more than 1,400 violations from almost 200 drivers.

The 2009 road checks will continue through Thursday.