Vets getting jobs in the Panhandle

Marshall Green, Workforce Solutions Panhandle
Marshall Green, Workforce Solutions Panhandle

Amarillo, Texas

Those who served our country are finding jobs in the Panhandle, despite the fact that the number of veterans in the Panhandle has doubled over the past two years.

The veterans performance report has been released this week for the month of April.  It's a report done every month by Workforce Solutions Panhandle.

The report says the number of veterans who have applied for unemployment has been steady these past two years at about 7%.  But there are almost twice as many veterans.

Marshall Green of Workforce Solutions Panhandle says, "When I first started here, it would be exactly two years ago next month, the total number of active vets in the system was about 274. I did that same report this Monday and we were at 424. So you can see there's been quite an increase over the two years."

What this means is that even though there are twice as many veterans in the area from two years ago, they're finding jobs quickly enough so that the unemployment rate remains steady.

Green says the war might be contributing to the larger number of veterans, but, he says, the low unemployment rate here is also attracting new veterans.