Signs causing complaints

Kelly Shaw
Kelly Shaw

City Commissioners will take action in the near future on the matter of signage in the city.

Before the Commission meeting today the Commissioners were given a special presentation by the Planning Director Kelly Shaw.

Apparently the city has been getting a lot of complaints about the large electronic signs that are starting to appear on the roads.

Shaw was quick to point out that no one currently with large or electronic signs is doing anything illegal.

Amarillo has a liberal signage policy but Commissioners were urged to define what should be acceptable.

Shaw says, "The major complaint that we're getting from callers, from citizens, is that the signs that they're seeing are either too big or they're too bright. They're really attention-grabbing and some think they're just ugly. Some think they're a traffic hazard."

Commissioners seemed impressed by the public interest in the issue.  No action was taken today.  The Commission wants staff to review some possibilities, including a moratorium on new building, until they can determine how they want to proceed.