Last Minute Legislature

There was a last minute win that saves money for Panhandle Homeowners.

But other popular bills died on the legislature floor --- including authorizing a major state department to continue operating.

It all has to do with roads.

On Monday, the house had yet to pass a vital bill that allows the Texas Department of Transportation to keep operating.

So they sped along a shorter version before clocking out.

The problem -- that version was accidently worded so that TxDOT can't sell two billion dollars of needed bonds to finance new road construction.

If the senate can't find a way to fix the wording tonight, Governor Perry will almost certainly have to call a special session. All because of last minute haste.

Close to 5,000 bills filed into the two houses this session. Most not making it through.

Among the notable failures, a voter ID bill that would have required Texans to present to ID's at the polls. A statewide smoking ban. And allowing guns on college campuses.

But in the whirlwind of last minute activity, a bill helping out area home owners did sail through.

The Windstorm Insurance Act reforms the way home insurance premiums are calculated.

Currently areas like the Panhandle pay more to make up for coastal residents who can't afford hurricane insurance.