Police Searching For Murder Suspect

Police are looking for a man with ties to gangs in prison and in Amarillo.

They believe he is responsible for shooting and killing a teen over the weekend.

Early Sunday morning police found Eric Mireles dead.

He had fled a massive fight outside My Club, an after hours hot spot.

That's when a red car reportedly followed the one Mireles was in and fired several rounds.

"We're fortunate that there was only one person hit," said Lt. Gary Trupe with the Potter/Randall Special Crimes Unit.

After nearly 12 hours of investigating, a 30-year-old man was considered a suspect.

"He was identified by the four other people in the car when Mr. Mireles was shot," said Lt. Trupe.

And police had custody of David Anaya but were unable to gather enough evidence at the time to get a warrant for his arrest.

"It took a long time to work through all the witnesses then to figure out who this man as and I'm under legal restraints," said Lt. Trupe.

So Anaya was let go, and a few hours later, police had their warrant.

"Since that time we have not been able to locate Mr. Anaya either at his home here in town or through his family," said Lt. Trupe.

Police believe Anaya has most likely fled the area.

But, if he is still in Amarillo, he is considered armed and dangerous because the murder weapon has not been recovered.

If anyone spots him you are asked to immediately call 911.

He's described as 5 foot 6, 170 pounds and covered in tattoos.