Clovis Police Teach Community About Drunk Driving

Police, firefighters, an air ambulance and the jaws-of-life.

That's just some of what the public was able to see today in Clovis at a training drill.

May has been drunk driving awareness month for the Curry County Wellness Center.

And the Clovis Police decided it was important to show people how crews handle a DWI accident scene.

The mock drill had an arrest, help from Aero-Care, and the roof was removed from a car to get the dummy victims out.

Organizers say it's all to show the public how to stay safe.

"Once it's out here the effectiveness is wonderful. They love it, we get complimented all the time about getting the info out and having things available for the kids. But also the adults."

The clovis police say presentations like this, along with check points and saturation patrols, all help keep New Mexico roads safe.