Is your home ready for the Digital TV Transition?

If the TVs in your home are still not ready for the digital transition, you still have some options.

The digital TV transition is only two weeks away, and Nielson research shows almost 9% of homes are partially unready, meaning only some of their TVs are DTV compatible.

The Latest Nielson Data as of May 24th, 2009:

  • 2.7% of Households are completely unready
  • 8.6% of Households are partially unready
  • 5% of homes with Head of Households younger than 35 years-old are completely unready
  • 2.6% of homes with Head of Households between 35-54 years-old are completely unready
  • 1.5% of homes with Head of Households older than 55 years-old are completely unready.

One local satellite company tells us even the $40 government coupon isn't getting people to buy the convertor box.

Many are instead buying new TVs with the convertors built in.

"They just don't want the hassle, they don't want to change the input on the TV or go to channel three and turn on the box," said Allen Sanders, owner of Sanders satellite.  "They just want to turn on the TV and [make sure] it works."

Suddenlink Cable says its business is up and most customers say the convertor box is too much hassle.

"We see any increase mostly due to those people who are [on] fixed incomes," said Carrie Irwin, Suddenlink's Marketing Manager.  "Cable's the easy way to be able to transition up into a similar level as those broadcast channels."

Purchasing cable or satellite does not make your TV DTV ready, but will allow you to receive broadcast television.

For more information on the DTV transition, click the link: Digital Television (DTV) Transition