Ways to Save

The average New Mexico family will be paying about five dollars more a month for electricity starting July first --- that's because of a rate hike announced today by Xcel energy -- the state's leading energy provider.

With high temperatures on the way, focusing on your air conditioner will help you make up for that extra cost.

The best way to save money is something most of us know but don't do -- changing your filters. Not doing that will keep air from flowing properly and keep the air conditioner on longer.

A good rule is to change the filter whenever you get your electric bill. You'll be thankful then, you did.

You also want air to flow just as well on the outside unit too. So that means trim any weeds or bushes around.

Also if grass clippings land inside the unit, shut off the power and wash it out with a hose.

Spending as little as five dollars caulking any exterior holes like this dryer vent can save you on average a hundred and fifty dollars a year.

Also thirty percent of the heat in your house comes in through the roof. Make sure your attic has proper ventilation.

Proper means vents in the eaves and maybe an attic fan.

A darker color house paint will keep your home clooer.

Make sure your unit is the right size for your home. Too big and it will cost you. Too small it will always be running.

Have a professional check out your system at the beginning of the season. Make sure they see if there is enough freon.

Installing awnings on the east and west sides of your home can cut costs too.

You can get reflective window tint that will keep the hot rays out.

Turn off computer systems and electronics during the day because they create heat. The sames goes for lights.

While these tips together will save you, be careful of what you might have heard.

Closing vents in rooms you don't use will do nothing but raise your bills.

Perhaps even worse is turning the air off and fans on during the day.

Being aware of these issues will make up that five dollars fast and probably save you some more too.