Food Bank: "Feeding Hungry Kids Now Tougher"

Zack Wilson
Zack Wilson

Governor Perry puts his signature on a bill to feed the hungry this week, but there's just one problem... There is not any money in the state budget to back it up.

That means the High Plains Food Bank will be without hundreds of thousands of dollars they were counting on. Food banks across the state found out the 20 million dollars they were supposed to split has been taken out of consideration in state Scott Luther picks up food from the food bank every week. "I depend on it to get by. And everything they give me is much appreciated."

Seven thousand other area families are in the same boat. The Food Bank's Zack Wilson says, "The amount of food we need here at the food bank is tremendous." Scott doesn't have any children, but many other food bank regulars do. Kid's Cafe Coordinator Leigh Fuller says, "One out of every three people we serve is a child under the age of 18."

And with school getting out this week, the funding cuts at the food bank couldn't have come at a worse time. Wilson says, "If you have kids who are relying on free and reduced lunch at school and getting that need full filled there once school lets out, what do you do? There's a huge need in the summertime for feeding kids."

The food bank is required by law to supply kids with nutritious, fresh foods despite their shrinking bank account. While that's a tall order, they are vowing to find some way to make it happen.

They find comfort in the fact that both the state house and senate voted for the food bank money almost unanimously, showing it's a worthy cause... Something they're hoping others will also realize and then donate.