State Yanks Food Bank Funding

Feeding hungry children this summer is now going to be more difficult for the High Plains Food Bank. It's due to recent state funding cuts.

This is an update to a story we first told you about on Sunday... The High Plains Food Bank was expecting several hundred thousand dollars from the state, once Governor Perry signed the food bank money bill into law.

We've learned that he has signed it, and it's set to go into effect on September first. There's only one problem... There isn't any money in the state budget to fund the 20 million dollar law. With the food bank already struggling and schools letting out soon for summer, the lack of funding couldn't have come at a worse time.

The Food Bank's Zack Wilson says, "you have kids who are relying on free and reduced lunch at school and getting that need full filled there once school lets out, what do you do? There's a huge need in the summertime for feeding kids."

The Food Bank says without the money they will struggle to find the fresh food these kids so desperately need, but they are vowing to provide it in some form, even if it means purchasing only fruits that are on sale.