WT Senior Wins Essay to Travel Abroad

A West Texas A and M student is picked to continue her education abroad after winning a competition.

Megan walker is a senior education major and is one of ten students selected to travel Europe as part of the educational foundation tours scholarship.

The essay contest consisted of 5 different essays.Megan was picked out of several hundred college students. "If you don't enter you cant win, so I sat down and started the essay process I thought it was just one but it was five essays about how the global experience how it benefits teachers."

Megan found out about her winning the essay contest, but thought the phone call was a joke."We where all kinda shocked, I had forgotten I entered, it was last semester, so when they called and told me I thought it was a scam".

The trip is all expense paid and will last 10 days."We have a packing list and they want us to try top keep it its for ten days so it needs to all fit in a carry on no electronics so my hair will look crazy".

Walker is a member of the Attebury Honors program at WTAMU and plans to attend grad school or travel as a full bright recipient.

The trip will Commemorate the 20th of anniversary the fall of the Berlin Wall.