Civic Activist questions City's condemnation priorities

Prenis Williams
Prenis Williams

Prenis Williams says the City of Amarillo's quick and tough action moving to condemn a multi-million dollar house in The Colonies seems inconsistent.

Williams lives in the North Heights. He's the President of the Amarillo United Citizens Forum and is Vice-Chairman of the Amarillo College Board of Regents.

A drive around the neighborhood reveals several boarded or burned houses.

He says the City indicated to the owners to "finish, move it or do something to it under a certain time. And I think that's indicative of what should be happening across the city. And the question is, does it happen across the city? And I think the answer is, for whatever reason, it does not."

Several of the houses may, in fact, be undergoing the condemnation process. The City of Amarillo has about 200 properties in that process.

They say it can take time because sometimes it's difficult to find the owners or the owners have died.

They say they treat all neighborhoods equally.

A public forum will be held June 16th at 3pm at City Hall for owners of property that is undergoing the condemnation process.