New Special Ops Commander for Cannon Air Force Base

Colonel Stephen A. Clark
Colonel Stephen A. Clark

Wednesday begins a new era at Cannon Air Force Base near Clovis. A new commander was installed this morning.

Now that the infrastructure is stable at Cannon, the biggest change that will come from the new commander is to put their special operations mission into action... That mission means prepping the airmen and women for combat.

The man in charge of executing that mission is Colonel Stephen A. Clark, who took the reigns this morning in a formal ceremony. He says he is proud to lead the honorable men and women who wear the Air Force uniform... Folks he says are American Heroes. "It's really about taking care of the mission and getting that done and it's really up to our airmen to do that.

My responsibility and my commanders responsibility is to make sure they have the resources and the training required and some guidance and leadership that will enable them to go out onto the battlefield and execute their mission."

As part of that mission, by August first, there will be six operational squadrons based at Cannon, all of which will be involved in battle.

After serving for nearly two years, the outgoing commander, Colonel Timothy J. Leahy, is headed to McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.