Big NFL players are prone to high blood pressure

CHICAGO (AP) _ A medical study suggests that excess weight isn't good for you _ no matter how athletic you are. Research sponsored by the NFL finds that supersized pro football players are prone to high blood pressure even while they fare better on some other health measures than more average-sized men. The mixed results suggest that intense physical conditioning can help reduce, but not wipe out, ill effects that excess weight has on heart disease-related risks. The NFL and study authors downplayed the negative findings from a pool of 504 players of all sizes. Except for high blood pressure, the authors said, players on average faced no greater heart disease risks than men their same age in the general population. But one heart disease expert not involved in the study says the results show ``it's unhealthy to have excess body fat whether you're an athlete or not.'' The study appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.