Congressman Thornberry Pushes Widescoping Energy Policy

A bill believed to cut thousands of Texas jobs is being pushed by President Barack Obama.

But local Congressman Mac Thornberry has his own energy plan that he says would not only keep those jobs, it could create more.

It's a fairly ambitious plan that covers everything from coal and gas, to renewables like wind, to nuclear power.

And the goal is to protect industries in the Panhandle, while limiting the dependence on foreign sources.

"There's a different way to approach energy policy this is what I think is a better way," said Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon).

More than 60 percent of the energy used in America comes from foreign sources.

That's what Thornberry is concentrating on.

And he says it's a realistic approach to a real problem.

"It includes making it easier for refineries and nuclear power plants. It also extends the wind energy tax credit for 10 years," said Thornberry.

President Obama's plan also concentrates on renewable energy, but the congressman says it could cost each homeowner up to $3100 a year in energy costs

"Particularly those of us in agriculture who use a lot of energy," said Thornberry.

And it imposes taxes on oil and gas companies.

"Estimates are it will cost Texas thousands and thousands of job not just Texas in oil and gas but other industries as well," said Thornberry.

Thornberry says the energy policy in the U.S. should encompass any and all forms to keep the country safe, and prosperous.

Thornberry's energy bill did make it's way out of the congressional committee, but there are several democrats who say they want to re-work the bill.

Thornberry says it could be some time before he knows if it has a real chance of reaching the floor.