Gas Prices Forecast

Traditional logic says with holiday travel comes more demand for gas and higher prices.

"About typical Imean you expect it around the holidays and the first good weekend of summer they always go up," driver Dewey Butterfield said.

This year was no different. Nationwide - prices rose about twelve cents last week.

"I don't know for sure that we can blame that on the holiday. But hopefully it will come back down or at least stabilize," Deana Perdue, co-owner of Madison's Convenience Store, said.

But just because the holiday is almost over, gas prices won't automatically drop.

In fact, history shows that gas prices are only loosely tied to holiday travel.

Last year, they went up slightly after memorial day.

And the year before that, prices dropped before the holiday weekend.

The bottom line is this, gas prices are nearly impossible to predict. But drivers we talked with today were just happy prices are lower than last year.