Texas Food Banks to Get Millions from State

Demand is higher than ever before, and supply is running short at the High Plains Food Bank. The state is allocating money to change that.

The bill would give twenty million dollars to food banks across Texas over the next two years... Right now it's sitting on Governor Perry's desk, waiting to be signed into law.

Even though bag after bag filled with food is donated to the High Plains Food Bank every day, it's still not enough. The Food Bank's Zack Wilson says, "We desperately need the money."

That money could help better serve the seven thousand area families that depend on the food bank to survive. Many of those families have children... Which is why much of the state money will be geared towards helping them.... Mostly by providing healthy, fresh food options in their kid's cafe program, products like "produce and vegetables and meat and milk."

Wilson says having those items on the shelves will make all the difference in the world. "We can educate our children as much as possible but if they go home and they do not have access to fresh food then it really doesn't make any sense."

Dumas Representative David Swinford campaigned heavily for the bill. He says "we need all the help we can get to take care of our people." The state is hoping twenty million dollars will do just that, but even once Perry signs it into law, there's still one hurdle left to jump over. Wilson says, "We also need to find the funding."

Lawmakers are currently going over the state budget to figure out where to pull the money from. Once the funding is secure, it will be divvied up among the state's food banks... No official figures are being released, but Wilson estimates the High Plains Food Bank will receive several hundred thousand dollars.

Texas ranks fifth in the nation for food in-security among children... Which means many kids don't know when or where they'll get their next meal.