Start Your Engines...Teens Build Classic Car

One of Ford's most coveted collectibles--the 1965 Shelby Cobra MK3 Roadster--just became more desirable in our area. That's because what makes this antique so special is the manpower behind all that horsepower.

Childress High School's automotive class built the car from the ground up.

Teacher Cliff Johnson, says his students are not only learning how to make a car; they are developing skills to succeed in this economy.

"With the economic problems that we have in our country today, I don't know of any auto mechanics who are out of work. I don't know of anybody that is in the trades that is out of work. You still can find a plumber, a carpenter, you still can find a mechanic. And that is what we are pushing," Johnson said.

And push they did. Just four months ago, this car was a pile of parts and bolts. It's now bound together by the students' love for cars.

"It's the perfect car," said Jay Stephenson, student who helped build the car. "It's not like any car that you have ever ridden in, I can guarantee that."

You can help keep this program running next year and drive away with brand new car. The high school will raffle it off sometime in December.

Tickets are on sale now from the Rotary Club in Childress for only $100. But this is a limited time offer. They will only raffle 400 tickets. And they are first come first serve.